The Prada outlet is located in Levanella, just past Montevarchi – or before it, depending on which direction you are headed – on the SS 69. It is not signposted. The building is white and has a sort of “saw-tooth” shaped roof. Drive all the way around the back for the entrance. From Florence, take the San Giovanni Valdarno exit off the autostrada and follow the signs for Arezzo. The address is 55 Levanella. Tel: 055 9196528

The Mall – Gucci, Ferragamo, Marni, Pucci, Tods and Hogans, etc. outlets: take the Incisa exit from the autostrada, and head towards Firenze/Pontessieve. Many small black signs (“The Mall”) mark the way. Via Aretina 63, Leccio.

The Mall and the Prada outlet are actually worth the trip. Things are not half price or anything wonderful like that, but you can find some savings – especially on Prada sweaters and Tods shoes.

The Valdichiana Outlet Village is very close by; it is very much like a high end US-style outlet mall. Take the Valdichiana autostrada exit off the A1 (one exit south of the Monte San Savino exit). Brochures for it are in the small basket in the house. The big draws for Italians and other Europeans are Nike, Calvin Klein, and a couple other US brands – no huge savings if you are coming from the US. There are some good, brand name, Italian houseware stores.